We've been thinking, what is a can? Store food? Making salads? Or.....

Later, we thought, yes, cans can be used to store food, make salads or other things.

But most importantly, cans can store the pleasure that good food brings to us! Whether it's the fun you have when making cans, or enjoying fresh food made from cans.

Cans really bring us a lot more than their own value!

So we decided to do something valuable related to cans!


MasonFun is a professional Canning Lids brand!
We have our own product research and development and production departments, using high-quality raw materials, constantly upgrade our products!

Because everything we do is related to food, so we attach great importance to food safety! We use materials are no harm to the human body, with more advanced food fresh-keeping technology!

If you are buying Canning Lids, MasonFun will be a good choice for you!


Company Information:

Entity name or True name: Masonfun Technology Company

Entity ID number: 20211628486

Address: 5824 Sacajawea Way, Loveland, CO, United States  (This address is the operating address, not the return address. Please contact customer service for the return and exchange address.)

Zip Code: 80537